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Huawei Smartphones

The huawei p30 is a new phone from huawei that is a powerful and stylish addition to your phone family. This phone is a great choice for anyone looking for a phone that is both powerful and stylish. The phone has a powerful 1. 5ghz processor and a fast 1. 5ghz frequency so you can make many phone calls with ease. The phone also has a fast 1. 5ghz frequency so you can easily get online. The huawei p30 is also a great phone for anyone who wants a phone that is both powerful and stylish.

Huawei P30 Lite  128GB  Dual SIM - Poor Condition K7897
Huawei Honor 6X - 32GB - Gray  Smartphone | Dual SIM
Huawei Y9 2019 JKM-LX3 Dual Sim  6.5" 64GB 3GB RAM

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The huawei smartphones are the perfect choice for those who want the best in terms of quality and performance. With a powerful 128gb storage and 6gb of ram, the p30 pro is capable of offering a high-end experience. Additionally, it comes with a gsm factory unlocked flag. With its powerful a3350 chipset, this phone is sure to offer you the best results in terms of performance and battery life. It also has a very good 3d unemployment sensor that will make your life easier.
this is a poor condition k7897 phone. It has been used less than once and it is not working properly. Despite this, it is a great phone to have. It has a large screen and good features.